CGear Tactical Sand Barrier Fencing

CGear Tactical Sand Barrier Fencing

With its unique sand and dust abatement qualities, CGear's synthetic meshing systems are perfect for Sand Barrier Fencing.


The video demonstrates the CGear Tactical Sand Barrier Fencing being tested in controlled conditions using an open air wind tunnel to simulate environmental conditions where sand, dust and dirt abatement are paramount and to demonstrate the Tactical Sand Barrier Fencing's unique qualities.


 A 25 horse power electric, wind machine was used in these tests. These fans are used in film production to simulate dust and sand storms up to 150 kilometers per hour.


The mat was fitted to the front of the wind tunnel to simulate how it worked as a barrier fence to cut down sand drifts. The sand used in the demonstration was kiln dried and was of a fine to medium grade.


The sand was deposited into the wind tunnel and the wind machine dispersed the sand evenly towards the barrier fencing. Commonly for drifts to occur the wind velocity needs to be between 17 - 30 kms per hour or 9 to 17 knots or approximately Beaufort wind scale 4 dependent on the grade of the sand. The wind machine was set for these conditions.


High speed photography was utilised which demonstrates how the Tactical Sand Barrier Fencing allows the wind to pass through the synthetic meshing but stopped eighty to ninety percent of the sand passing through the Barrier Fencing. The sand that did pass through the Barrier Fencing only traveled and approximate distance of 1.4 meters.

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